California Buffalograss

New Name, Same Drought Tolerant Buffalograss!

Get Your Hands Dirty!

Okay, we’ll be honest, this will not be as easy as tossing some seeds around or having someone install sod in your yard. Installing plugs will be a little more work, but we’ll be here to walk you through it and you can always contact us with all of your questions before, during, after – whenever you need our help! With a little bit of work and some tender loving care in the beginning, you’ll get to reap the benefits of saving yourself time and money later – oh and you can label yourself as having an eco-friendly lawn too!

  • Save Water

  • Save Time

  • Save the Environment

  • Better for Allergies

Our Products

California Buffalograss

One tray is 72 plugs! That’s 110 square feet of coverage with our recommended 15″ center spacing! The ideal time to install California Buffalograss is…

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Root Dip

To help your new plugs retain water while in the establishment phase use a mixture of Root Dip and water. Follow instructions provided on the packet.…

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Auger Attachment

Our custom 18″ auger drill bit will fit most standard drills. Makes holes the perfect size for your California Buffalograss! Specs: 18 inches in length

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Trusted to Grow

Bred by the University of California Davis and Riverside, this patented buffalograss variety was designed for the hot and dry climate of California. Once established, California Buffalograss will use up to 75% less water than a traditional fescue lawn! It can handle regular foot traffic and is also a sterile grass making it a great option for those with allergies! Safe for pets, kids, and strong enough to handle public use – California Buffalograss is the ideal lawn option for California!