Takao Nursery

Takao Nursery

Family owned and operated, Takao Nursery is a third generation, propagation nursery based in Fresno, California. Our state of the art facility and the varying conditions of the Central Valley allow us to deliver products that are strong, hardy and ready to grow! Since 2008, we have been proud to be part of a select few licensed to grow California Buffalograss! We bring years of growing knowledge and a wealth of hands-on experience to every tray we sell.

Save Water

Save Water!

It’s good to save water. But it’s even better using less when you’re on meters and you have to pay for it! California Buffalograss once established can thrive on as low as 1/4 inch of water per week in some locations, resulting in up to a 75% reduction in water consumption! This native grasses have a deep root system that will grow 6-8 feet into the soil. Did you know that approximately 50-70% of our residential water is used for landscaping – most of it to water lawns, which total approximately 20-30 million acres in the United States.

California Buffalograss was developed by UC Davis and UC Riverside specifically for the hot and dry climate of California and lower Arizona! A portion of all sales goes back to the schools!

Less Chemicals

Less Chemicals!

Don’t we all want to avoid nasty chemicals if we can? California Buffalograss is resistant to most turf damaging insects and diseases so the need for an insecticide is rare. It is also very dense and aggressive once established, making it more difficult for weeds to infest the turf. With a reduced use of chemicals you are helping to save the environment since polluted water run off is the single largest source of water pollution nationwide according to the EPA.

Less Pollution

Less Pollution & Save Time!

Wouldn’t you rather spend your weekend doing something other than mowing your lawn? WithCalifornia Buffalograss you can mow your lawn every 3-4 weeks for a manicured look or not at all with a maximum height of 6″, saving you time and helping to keep our air clean. Did you know a gas-powered lawnmower emits 11 times the air pollution of a new car!

Better for your Allergies

Better for your Allergies!

There’s already enough out there to make your allergies flare up, your lawn shouldn’t be one of them! California Buffalograss is the turfgrass choice for a pollen reduced landscape. California Buffalograss is considered seedless and produces very few if any seed heads.

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