“An important feature is that it requires less water — 50-75% less than tall fescue, and even much less than bermudagrass. It is also highly resistant to diseases and insect pests…and it requires mowing only every 2-3 weeks for a mowed lawn look, or as little as once a year for a more natural look.”
“…with California Buffalograss the water savings are huge…A typical lawn uses 3000 gallons of water per month…California Buffalograss consumes 75% less than that typical lawn, just 750 gallons a month.”
Jim Kulkhen of San Diego, California
“My water bill for the months of May and June ’09 indicated a 58% savings.”
The Lazy Gardener
“This is REAL triple digit weather … over 110 for most of the month…But I’m using 60% of the water it would take for an established Bermuda lawn, and mowing less than once a week. Unlike Bermuda, that turns scraggly when underwatered, the California Buffalograss just slows down it’s growth but stays reasonably green.”
Corey Liu
“Eight weeks in and I have to say “Wow!”

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